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Industrial nozzle manufacturer, Shanghai Feizhuo Spray System Co., Ltd., specializing in the production, research and development, manufacturing industrial nozzles! The company mainly replaces imported nozzles, mainly produces: industrial paper nozzles, desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal, fire nozzles, air nozzles, bottle cleaning nozzles, atomizing nozzles, coating nozzles, general industrial nozzles, spray integrated systems, etc. Operating for 16 years, it has a number of nozzle patents, serving large multinational companies and leading enterprises in the industry. It has formed its own product features in the field of paper nozzles, successfully replacing imports and exporting products to Finland, Sweden, the United States, Brazil, Iran, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places!


There are tens of thousands of industrial nozzles, which are widely used in papermaking, iron and steel metallurgy, environmental protection, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, food, nuclear, ship and other fields; industrial nozzles are divided into spray nozzles, solid cone nozzles, Hollow cone nozzle, liquid column nozzle, atomizing nozzle class! Industrial nozzles are made of stainless steel nozzles, PP nozzles, and PVDF nozzles;


Feizhuo Feizhuo company has its own factory, professional production equipment and testing laboratory, with independent research and development strength, providing customers with a complete set of services such as test and testing center, program design! The company has developed a complete set of operating procedures, from the storage of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, real-time quality monitoring of each production link, and strict testing of each manufactured product! The company's high-quality products serve Nestlé, NEC, LG, Hyundai Pharmaceutical, SAIC, FAW, Nine Dragons, Lee & Man and other customers!

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